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Bible Studies To Go

Bible Studies To Go are designed to provide today’s busy woman with fast food to satisfy her soul. Written for the woman on the go, these Bible studies offer deep insights in an easy-to-access format. Each book reads like a 30-day devotional but packs in Bible truth and practical insights around a theme. For readers who want more, reflection-discussion questions add additional insight for individuals or groups.


Led is the first in the “Bible Studies To Go” series from Jayne. She wrote Led to encourage busy women who desire a deeply rooted faith. Every aspect of this book was designed with busy women in mind. The length–invest just 30 days–and readings–just 400 words help make this a book she can finish. By the end, she’ll have discovered Jesus in new ways.

Led uncovers lessons from John 10:1-5 about the Good Shepherd, Jesus, and His sheep. Simply put, the Shepherd speaks and leads, and the sheep listen and follow. While the reader ponders the story of the Good Shepherd for 30 days, she is invited into a lifestyle of quiet listening and rest even as she drives carpools or organizes work projects.

Here’s what women are saying about Led:

I have loved reading through Led! I love how Jayne shares so much of her own walk with the Shepherd and that through the ordinary details of life, God has given her insight into His truths. It makes me take pause to listen to what He wants to show me through my ordinary details and then follow His truths! I loved being reminded of how truly loving our Shepherd is and the peace I can find when I let Him.

That author right there is one of my former teachers, turned current mentor and friend & it’s pretty wonderful reading a book authored by someone you love. You get different things from different mentors & from Jayne it has been learning to listen to my Savior’s voice. She has this uniqueness about her to ponder up things in her heart & now she has parts of her leading/mentoring in one book. I highly recommend to any woman.

This amazing study is coming to a close and my heart is sad! Good thing there is more to come! It’s so perfect for the busy woman who can only spare 10-15 min a day. If you want to get to know Jesus as your shepherd, learn to listen and follow him, and find rest and purpose in doing so, you’ve gotta pick up a copy.


Surrendered explores the lessons of the vine and branch in John 15.

  • Experience a closer connection to Jesus
  • Develop deeper trust in Jesus
  • Discover the secret of greater impact.
  • Simplify faith by doing less

With personal stories and 5-minutes readings, Surrendered fits into a busy life. Reflection questions make Surrendered perfect for individual study or small group discussion.