Surrendered Video Series

Enjoy these 1-minute videos from Surrendered: Learning to Trust & Rest, lessons from the vine and branch. Discover greater power and purpose for your life through Jesus. To buy the 30-day devotional book, click here

Week 1: Jesus is the True Vine

Week 1, Day 1

Day 1: The Surrendered Series brings my devotional book, Surrendered: Learning to Trust and Rest, lessons from the vine and branch, to video in 1-minute sound-bites. Enjoy reflecting on Jesus’s teaching about the life we experience with Him as He provides power and purpose for living.

Week 1, Day 2

Day 2: Jesus is the True Vine. Life flows from Him to us, producing fruit that looks like Him to the rest of the world.

Week 1, Day 3

Day 3: Jesus said, “I am the True Vine.” (John 15:1) That picture of Jesus may not be clear to those of us who are unfamiliar with Jesus or vineyards. One Bible writer, Paul, explained Jesus like this, “Jesus is wisdom itself, and He makes us right with God.”

Day 4: Discover why being “planted” in Jesus, the True Vine, changes everything about us.

Day 5: In this video, discover what full restoration means to a follower of Jesus. We haven’t been reformed; we’ve been restored.

Week 2: My Father is the Gardener

Day 1: Jesus explained that His Father has a unique role in this illustration. He’s the gardener. That statement is bursting with importance! Learn what it means for you and me that God, our Father, oversees all of the care for the vineyard.

Day 2: Jesus taught that one of His Father’s most important jobs in the vineyard teaching is pruning. That sounds painful! And, sometimes it is, but His goal isn’t pain; His goal is healthy vines and more fruit.

Day 3: In the Father’s role as gardener, He prunes branches to make them more productive. In our lives, the Father may discipline us for our good which doesn’t always feel good or loving.

Day 4: When Jesus said, “My Father is the gardener,” He described a personal and involved Father. 


Taylor Monaco

Love seeing your sweet face to color in the detail Jayne!


Jayne Walters

Thanks for your kind words, Taylor! And thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet note.



I so appreciate your heart Jayne. Thanks for posting and sharing:)


Jayne Walters

Pam, thanks for your kind words!



Thank you Jayne for sharing your journey. I love reading your blog and it is very encouraging to me in my battle of the mind. Such a great reminder that there is victory in Jesus when I claim his promise.


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