Searching for Peace

Dying to Find Peace

Photo by Jair Lázaro on Unsplash

Photo by Jair Lázaro on Unsplash

A few months ago, I met a man who had nearly died from a heroin overdose. His life had been spared because someone found him just in time. He described the experience as melting into the deepest peace he had ever experienced. Of course, his experience wasn’t peace but endorphins created by dopamine. When I met him, he was still seeking peace although he was determined to stay away from drugs this time.

His story has stayed with me. Am I so different from him? When life has felt unmanageable, I’ve sought ways to anesthetize my pain or boost my endorphins. Most of those ways have been legal and safe, like taking a walk or running or watching something funny on TV. However, seasons in my life have been so stressful or depressing that I’ve grasped at stability or sanity, wanting a little peace.

Grasping for Peace

In one season of life, I experienced pain that I wanted to dull. We had been hurt by close friends, left a place that we loved, and moved across the country. Other factors contributed to the pain that I felt, too. I wrote about my bad behavior in that season of life here. Grasping for a little peace, I searched the internet for a store that sold an herbal stress formula.

“Jubilee He Restoreth.” A strange name. Inside the little store, more office park space than store front, I scanned the room. Filled bookshelves stood on my left. A library? A few shelves of packaged food and freezer or refrigerator cases filled the back wall. A grocery store? On my right, shelves of herbs and vitamins stood against the wall behind a counter. There. I turned to my right and stood face-to-face with a smiling woman. “How can I help?” she asked.

“I need those,” I said, pointing to a shelf.

Her brow creased and she looked into my eyes, unhurried and concerned. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes. I’m just having a difficult time right now,” I responded, feeling annoyed. I didn’t need a lecture or a new friend.

She moved around the counter and pulled me into a library aisle. “I’m Shelley. How can I pray for you?”

When I left the store that day, I felt a small ray of hope dawning.

Journeying Toward Peace

From that experience, I built a friendship with the ladies at “Jubilee He Restoreth.” I’m still grateful to them. That day, I began a healing journey. A few months later, I realized that my new house had beautiful mountain views from the back deck. Before, I couldn’t see past the walls.

The journey toward peace was slow. These days, when I sit on my bench swing in the morning, sipping coffee and watching my dog play, I relish the peace. Last week, when our family enjoyed a day at the lake, the peace nurtured my soul. And, on my yoga mat this morning, I breathed deeply while I stretched, realizing that peace has settled into my soul.

This peace has come from within where the Prince of Peace resides. Next week, I’ll share more about the journey to find peace. Pick up a copy of Led: Learning to Listen & Follow, lessons from the Good Shepherd. Led is a 30-day devotional-style Bible study designed for busy women who want to draw closer to Jesus and experience greater peace.

Find Peace and stay rooted in Him.



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