When We Believe that God is Our Papa

Bear, the Hunter

Jayne & Bear, 2017

My curly-haired, 35-pound pup, Bear, usually wears a submissive demeanor. Most days, he lays near me in my office or cuddles on my lap, but turn him loose in our yard, and he becomes a determined hunter. A week ago, he caught a squirrel by the tail, but he couldn’t hang on to it. This week, he caught and killed a small bunny. By the time that I moved in to see what he was doing, he stood guarding his prey and eyeing me suspiciously. I commanded him, “Leave it,” picturing that white fur covered in red blood and rabbit fur. Pulling my cell phone from my pocket, I punched in “Dave” and said, “I have a situation. I need a shovel.”

“Good dog,” I kept reassuring Bear. He may be a pampered pooch, mostly poodle with a dash of golden retriever, but his inner drive compels him to hunt. Lately, I’ve thought a lot about that inner, compelling drive. In Bear’s case, he is driven by an inner, instinctive predator. For you and me, our inner beliefs about God and about ourselves drive our lives and priorities.

Believe That God is Papa

When we believe that God is our Papa, we reorder our priorities, stand up to lies, and erase fear. The Holy Spirit’s job is reminding us that we belong to God as His adopted children. Knowing that we belong to Him drives us to Him and drives us to live as His.

Jenifer Veatch, a friend, has expressed God’s powerful and passionate love for us that drives us to Him.

“A Daughter’s Cry to her Heavenly Father” (Based on Psalm 18: 6–19)

Dad–did you forget where I am?

Do you not hear my desperate cries. Do you not recognize me, Father?

The waves form around my neck like fingers choking my spirit.

The waters rise above my head. I grasp at the waves like imaginary handles.

Will you lend me your hand, Daddy?  Will you reach me in time, Dad?

The wind takes my breathe as if on assignment.  I gasp as I reach for your name…..Dad.

Rescue me from the storm, I fear it is too strong for me.

Bring me out of the waters.  Deliver me, forgive my doubt.  Dad, I love you.

Daddy, don’t forget where I am.

“A Father’s Reply”

Daughter, did you forget who I am?

Your cries are before me, they have reached my ears. I know your voice, daughter.

The earth trembles and the hills move as I breathe out my anger upon your enemies.

Smoke rises from my nostrils and consuming fire from my mouth.

I part the heavens to reach you, daughter. I will reach you, sweetheart.

I fly on the wings of the wind with the dark waters and thick clouds as my covering.

My brightness burst forth from the darkness and the clouds advance with hailstones and lightning.

My voice resounds like thunder from the heavens, I scatter the enemy with my arrows.

The valleys of the sea are exposed as I rebuke the storm. The foundations of the earth lay bare. This is all for you, daughter.

I reach into the storm and take hold of you. I draw you out of the deep waters.

I rescue you from your enemy, they were too strong for you.

I bring you into a large space, I deliver you, I delight in you. Daughter, I love you.

Daughter, don’t forget who I AM.


Stay Rooted in Papa’s Love

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