Mastering the Art of Letting Go Gracefully

Learning to Let Go

My middle child graduated from college this spring. Then, a week later, we waved goodbye for two months as she headed to  Athens, Greece, to work in a refugee camp. I was able to let go of her because I’ve been training for years. Learning to let go allows us to embrace new lessons and places to trust Jesus. And, that’s not a trite phrase: “Trust Jesus.” I’m talking about the real stuff of life that we hold onto, like people or self or worse. In letting go, Jesus gives us more than we ever thought possible. From that vantage point in my life, I am mastering the art of letting go gracefully.

The Lessons Began Early

Along the way, life offers opportunities to learn to let go of things or people or dreams. Marriage and motherhood have offered the most difficult lessons about letting go, of freeing me from my selfish nature. In marriage, I learned to let go of demanding my own way and owning my space. When I became a mother, I let go of sleeping a full night or having time to myself.

Whenever I move over to make room for someone else, I have to let go of myself.  In fact, loving and serving others requires me to let go of having my way or imposing my judgment.

Letting Go of the Big Stuff

I’ve let go of my hair color, metabolism, and elastic skin in the process of aging. That letting go has birthed a new freedom from vanity. But, there’s a bigger picture here in mastering the art of letting go gracefully. I’ve let go of dearly held dreams or desires for my future. I’ve written about that herehere, and here.

When I let go of my job five years ago and my pay check, I traded it for a more restful life. In the process of letting go of my job, I have realized a dream through writing and speaking.

In this season of life, I’ve let go of my children. I don’t have to check up on them or solve their problems or make sure they ate dinner before dessert. But, I’ve embraced their friendship.

Christmas 2018

Letting Go is Surrender

As I walk through life with Jesus, I am learning to lay down my plans and let Him lead. His way leads to life; my way leads to bondage. Whatever you’re letting go of today, you can trust that He’s in it with you and ready to fill the surrendered space. What are you letting go of in this season of life? I’d love to hear from you.


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