Celebrating a “Surrendered” Kickoff!

Discovering a Simple Faith

These days, I’m focusing on Jesus. Those of you who read this blog have heard stories about my life and the lessons He is teaching me along the way. As I discover Him, in the simple and everyday moments of my life, I long to share what I’m learning. That’s why I write. Through this blog, I send those thoughts out into cyberspace, hoping they will resonate with someone.

But, I wasn’t always in passionate pursuit of Jesus. I didn’t have time as a busy mom and wife and teacher. When I retired from teaching five years ago, I felt lost and tired. Then, I discovered the secret of living in Jesus by doing less and resting more. I’ve been writing about those lessons for the past three weeks (click on each one to read it):

From there, I envisioned writing short studies for busy women, like me. My teaching background had taught me to create short, focused lessons. And, years earlier, I had written some articles, started a novel, and tried to publish a bible study.

A Book & A Series Were Born

Surrendered is the second book in the series called Bible Studies To Go, books designed to deliver simple, faith-building thoughts about life with Jesus. Led focused on listening to and following Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Surrendered focuses on trusting Jesus, the true grapevine, for life and power. The series of five books present an opportunity to grow in essential truths in a format that fits your busy life.

Each book contains short readings for 30 days with optional reflection questions for deeper thought or group discussion. Surrendered is short enough to read in the carpool line or on your lunch break. Finally, a book that a busy woman can finish!


Surrendered 2018

Surrendered: Learning to Trust & Rest

In surrender, we–

  • Experience a closer connection to Jesus.
  • Develop deeper trust in Jesus
  • Discover the secret of greater impact.
  • Simplify faith by doing less.

Surrendered is available on my website at or click this link directly to the “buy” page. I’m excited to offer both a softcover book and an ebook for download. If you download the Pdf. version and upload it to your Google Play app, you can read it on your smartphone or tablet! The Google Play app is free from the App Store.

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If you subscribe to receive blog posts and updates via email, I’ll send you the first chapter, free. And, as always, I’m writing and speaking to encourage a rooted faith in Jesus.

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Daily, the power of stories amazes me–moves me, shapes me–an ordinary wife, mom, teacher, writer, Jesus-follower.

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