2 Tips for Busy Women

Let Me Be Your Guide.

As your sherpa, learn from me. I know the pitfalls in this mountainous journey. My adult children are thriving in spite of me, but I still wish that I’d made better decisions about my time when they were younger.

Here’s my best advice for your busiest season–

  1. Stay near Jesus. Of all your roles, your most important one is being a follower of Jesus. In that role, he provides the daily energy and life empowering for all that He wants you to do. The vine and branch teaching in John 15 are the picture of the Christian life, a life where we do less and rest more, a life where we do less and experience greater impact. His only command, “Remain in Me,” isn’t for Him; it’s for us. He knows that when we stay near Him, listening for His voice and trusting His care, we live a more balanced life, and we live out our divine purpose. 
  2. Strive for Balance. Keep pursuing a more balanced life. Seasons of life change, but good habits keep us grounded. One way we maintain balance is learning to say, “No.” Every good thing that we say “yes” to means that we must say “no” to something else. Then, help your children learn to say, “No,” so that they can rest more. As they grow, you’ll help them manage their busy schedules and avoid burn out later in life.

These tips are simple but tough to put into action.

The many roles that a woman juggles demand her time and energy. She works hard, sacrificing for those around her. Social media makes the perfect life seem within reach if she works harder. Resisting that trap requires staying rooted in faith and the priorities that Jesus teaches. Surrendered was designed to help busy women stay grounded in a simple and rooted faith. With personal stories and 5-minutes readings, Surrendered fits your busy life. Finally, a book you can finish.


Surrendered is available in a softcover book for $14.99 (includes shipping) or a downloadable PDF for $4.99. If you purchase the downloadable PDF, it uploads to an app like Google Play Books for easy reference and reading. It’s available here.

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