Ask My Totaled Car Why Roots Matter

Impala Rear Window 2017 Tree Damage

Rotten Roots

Last year, a car-sized limb fell fifty feet from a birch tree onto my car and totaled it. After we cut the tree down, we could see the problem: Rotten roots. The black hollow in the center of the trunk showed that the tree was dying even though it had appeared leafy and healthy. I wrote about that experience here.

Rotted Beech Tree Trunk

Roots Matter

Just like trees, faith roots matter, too. Rooted in Jesus and His teaching, I have experienced freedom and transformation. Time spent listening to Him and taking in truth from His words just can’t be substituted. Bible teachers and Christian books may help us understand Jesus better, but they are only tools. Jesus, alone, speaks truth that frees and fills us. To know Him, we don’t need–

another sermon

another podcast

another Christian self-help book

another worship song

another blog post (but thanks for reading this one & picture my sheepish grin)

To know Him, we need time with Him. Growing a rooted faith is that simple. Maybe that’s why we try to make it more complicated than it is. Maybe that’s why we search for more to learn or do. Because it seems too simple.

We don’t have to work up a feeling.

We don’t have to be good enough.

We don’t have to conjure up his presence.

We don’t have to say certain prayers.

We don’t have to spend an hour.

Rooted in Jesus

Faith is believing, not doing. Believing that we are already loved. Believing that we are already accepted. Believing that we are already delighted in. All of these are true because faith is a relationship with Jesus. Jesus invited people to come to Him for soul rest. (Matthew 11:28-30)  After 30 years in ministry-related jobs, I have experienced burn out more than once. I’ve known too many people who burned out from doing too much, even when the activities are good things like church involvement and charities. Gentle and humble Jesus refreshes and sends us to the places that He has designed for us and equipped us for. There’s a distinct difference.

Here’s my challenge: Say “no” to something this week. Then, spend that time with Jesus. Let your faith roots soak in His presence for a few minutes or longer.  

Leave a comment. Share how you are sinking your roots into Jesus, into His presence and His rest.


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Thank you for sharing. I really needed this today.


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