A Simple Way to Share Your Faith

Can’t Stop Talking About It

I was standing in the facial cream aisle of the grocery store when a stranger came up beside me. The woman was about my age, and as she grabbed the face serum for aging skin, she turned to me. “I love this stuff. You should buy it. It has changed my skin. I know you’ll love it, too.”

I smiled and said, “Actually, I was planning to buy some. Thanks.” Satisfied, she smiled back hurried off.

That woman was a satisfied customer, and she promoted the anti-wrinkle facial cream enthusiastically. Most of us have favorite things that we shamelessly promote to our friends and, sometimes, strangers. Oprah dedicates an entire show to her favorite things!



Jayne & Julie, 1984

When I was 17, I met Julie, a junior at another high school, through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Julie promoted Jesus in exactly the same way as that woman in the face-cream aisle promoted the anti-wrinkle serum. 

This week, I celebrate my spiritual birthday, the day I believed that Jesus’ death was for me. Julie talked about Jesus like He was a real person, and she talked to Him. That intrigued me. I wanted to know more about a relationship with Him. We were both high school juniors, and I was drawn to her enthusiasm. Prior to meeting Julie, I had associated Jesus with children’s stories in Sunday School. I thought that only special people, like my pastor, talked to Him.

For Busy Women

From the start, Julie taught me how to talk to other people about Jesus.




If bringing Jesus up in the conversation feels natural to me, then it will feel natural to other people. I’m a simple person, not highly intelligent or sophisticated. I just talk about Jesus, even if I’m tired or overloaded or distracted.

And, why not talk about Him? He’s the most unique person who ever lived. After His death for others (though he was innocent), He came back to life! Not only that, but when we talk about Jesus, God works invisibly and mysteriously to draw others.

Do you have a story about bringing up Jesus in a conversation? I’d love to hear it!

Stay rooted in a simple faith and just talk about Jesus.


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Daily, the power of stories amazes me–moves me, shapes me–an ordinary wife, mom, teacher, writer, Jesus-follower.



i think it’s important to show the love of Jesus in our daily lives as a testimony to what Jesus has done. We can talk all we want about Jesus, but if our lives are showing something different, we do Jesus an injustice.

We should be led by the Holy Spirit and be ready at all times.

Thanks for posting this. I always love to read what is on your heart.


Jayne Walters

Jo, thanks for reading and posting! And, thanks for sharing your wisdom.


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