Jesus Survived Easter & You Can Too

The Comparison Trap

I’m seeing pictures this week on social media, already. The fun family egg coloring. The creative Easter baskets. Pinterest has thousands of ideas. When my family was young, I tried a few crafty magazine ideas.

However,  my attempts at Easter crafts look more like the picture on the right.

Then, I found an article with pictures on “26 Hilarious Easter DIY Fails That Definitely Missed the Mark.” I laughed out loud at the pictures because that’s so like me. My attempts to create the perfect experience or treat for my children usually ended up in the trash.

It’s okay to be that mom, the one who is scrounging in the picked-over-candy aisle on Saturday night. It’s tough being a busy mom.


And Monday morning, don’t look at social media until you’ve had at least two cups of coffee and are feeling strong. I couldn’t have handled social media when we were raising our children because I’m a comparison addict. I wrote about my struggle with comparing my mom skills here.

Simplifying Easter

Once or twice, I colored eggs with my kids, and my husband put together a few egg hunts in the back yard over the years. The weekend usually went like this. Late on Saturday night, I dumped baskets of fake fruit and mail into a laundry basket to make Easter baskets. I spent fifteen minutes searching the pantry for that ziplock bag of fake grass that I kept from last year. Then, I placed some candy eggs, marshmallow Peeps™, and a small gift inside each makeshift basket. We fashioned an empty tomb out of the couch cushions and a few blankets for the children to find the next morning. They loved that little tradition.

In the my mid-2000’s, during my bread-making phase, I made empty-tomb rolls. To make them, I wrapped bread dough around a large marshmallow before baking them. The marshmallow created a hollow inside. They still talk about those rolls.

Since I was a working mom, we didn’t create many traditions. I needed to be rested and ready to teach a classroom full of high school students on Monday morning, not exhausted from a weekend of making Easter crafts and food.

From one busy mom to another, keep this Easter celebration simple.

And don’t forget to take a few minutes for yourself, to think about how crazy in love Jesus is with you. In the simplest terms, you are the reason for His death and resurrection. Everything else this weekend is a distraction. Stay rooted in that love this Easter.

And if you want a few laughs, visit this article: “26 Hilarious Easter DIY Fails That Definitely Missed the Mark.”

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