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A Simple Life

Just the other day, a friend confided, “I want a simpler life.” Between work and family, she ached for simplicity. I understood her desire. In fact, I’ve been throwing off the stuff that clutters my life.


Attic Storage Room

Our Attic Storage Room

We downsized our house.

Since our oldest daughter no longer lives at home and the other 2 alternate between university living and home, we didn’t need as much space. We threw away,  gave away, and sold stuff. And still, one year later, we have too much stuff. How do we end up with so much stuff? (In my defense, much of this stuff belongs to my kids!)


I’m determined to minimize my wardrobe.

My daughter introduced me to a fashion blog about minimalism–Unfancy–which led to a wholesale love of minimalism. Our 1940’s cape cod master-bedroom closets won’t permit collecting and hoarding. Here, I am only allowed to keep the clothes I love. The maybe-I’ll-wear-it-again or lose-that-last-ten-pounds clothes must go. The off-season clothes are stored. These blogs inspire me to live with less: Lindsey Kubly and AssortmentBlog.


Downsizing and minimizing isn’t just for households and wardrobes.

I’m learning to think simply about my spiritual life, too.

Bible study and prayer time used to be a legalistic ritual, a duty to fulfill. Now, I’m trying to simplify and get back to basics. Most mornings, I sit with my Bible on my lap, reading and sipping coffee and listening for Jesus. Simple.

Faith is simple.

Last fall, on a trip west, I sat on a plane next to former soldier and retired state trooper. As we shared our lives, I eventually asked about his faith. He sighed and looked down. “My wife keeps readin’ me the Bible. And my granddaughter keeps talkin’ to me about God. I guess you could say that I’m tryin’ to find my way back.” He explained that he didn’t feel like God could accept his divorce. I smiled and said, “You don’t have to find your way back. Jesus is already here. Faith is really simple.”

Mary of Bethany knew about simple faith.

When Jesus visited, she planted herself at his feet and listened to every word that He said. Jesus honored her, saying, “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:42) One thing.

We're so busy doing good things. But, one thing is worth our concern: Discovering Jesus. Click To Tweet

Take time out to discover Him today. But, remember, keep it simple.



Daily, the power of stories amazes me–moves me, shapes me–an ordinary wife, mom, teacher, writer, Jesus-follower.


Jo Massaro

Thank you, Jayne, for your words. These are areas I need to work on in my own life.


Jayne Walters

Jo, I’m working on this area, too! Thanks for reading the blog. –Jayne


Brenda Chambers

A great reminder Jane! Thanks for sharing!


Jayne Walters

Thanks for your encouragement, Brenda!



Great post, Jayne! I’m working on “keeping it simple,” too! On one hand, it’s easier with two little ones (because I get to determine how ‘simple’ life should be). But on the other hand, it’s more difficult because my time is often preoccupied with cleaning, taking care of the kids, work and so on. But, as you said, that precious time spent seeking Jesus and hearing his voice is the most important. And I’ve come to realize that without it I can’t operate optimally in all the areas of life God has called me to serve. Thanks for the reminder!


Jayne Walters

Thanks for your encouragement and honesty, Emily! Now that my children are grown, I still struggle to keep life simple because I can add more commitments to my schedule. But, I need Jesus so badly that I’m driven to His feet.



Hi Jayne, Thank you so much for linking to my blog. Simplicity in belongings is definitely a process instead of a one-time accomplishment. I really loved your insight into simply sitting with Jesus in the mornings instead of making bible studies a complicated part of the day. I’m excited to read through more of your posts.


Jayne Walters

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I wanted to share what you’re doing at with women who read my blog! I especially love reading your reviews of products. Keep offering your insights about simple living.


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