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What Do Life’s Storms Reveal about Your Roots?

Crumbling Roots

Impala Rear Window 2017 Tree Damage

The tree that smashed my car windows, leaving several deep indents, came down this weekend.

The tree had appeared healthy enough at 80 feet tall with leafy branches until it dropped the dead branches on our cars (each one has a dent or two). Last weekend, that towering beech tree that shaded our house was chopped into fuel for our fireplace next winter.


The exposed stump revealed the truth about that tree’s health. The black hole in the middle, nearly a foot wide in circumference, belied its dying state and rotting roots.


Crumbling Faith

In 1998, after a difficult experience in a church ministry, I limped away from the fray with doubts about God.

I had been a Christian for fifteen years, but now, I wanted to walk away from my faith in Jesus. After months of struggling to patch my faith back together in a new city with a new ministry, I surrendered to the doubts. I whispered, “Jesus, I’m tired of holding onto you. If you want me, then you’ll hold on to me. But, I’m letting go.”

Not long after that tearful prayer, the story of two builders cropped up in my daughter’s AWANA lesson. After reading through it with her, it haunted me for days. According to the story, the wise builder had survived a flood and a tornado. In contrast, my faith had not survived a devastating storm. I finally saw the truth: God was not weak, but my faith was weak.

With the foundations of my faith exposed, I saw that I depended on the approval of people rather than on God’s. I admitted that I believed God wouldn’t rescue me because He wanted my life to be difficult. With those faulty beliefs (and others) exposed, I began the long journey to rebuilding and healing.

What are the storms of life revealing about your root system?

Are the storms of life exposing an unhealthy or dead root system in you? Do you doubt God or believe lies about Him? Ultimately, I’m glad that my crumbling faith was exposed just like I’m glad that tree was diagnosed before the whole thing came down on our house.

We can play church or fake a faith for awhile, but only a life rooted in the truth about Jesus withstands the storms. What we believe about Him, and by default about us, anchors our faith.

Stay rooted in Jesus, friends.




Daily, the power of stories amazes me–moves me, shapes me–an ordinary wife, mom, teacher, writer, Jesus-follower.


Christy cooke

This really resonated with me. I have told God more than once I’m letting go … and he keeps holding me… I hope I live up to that someday


Jayne Walters

Christy, thanks for chiming in with me on these feelings. I appreciate your honesty. I hope our honesty gives other people the courage to share their stories.


Shannon Witt

Jayne, your experience with a church leaving you with doubts about your faith …feels like it came right out of my story book. My husband was the head elder, and I was involved in about every aspect of our church women’s ministry, kitchen and banquet planning /functions, diacanate duties, etc…well..unfortunately…our Pastor wasn’t as active…he rarely came to work..long story short…the church that was growing like gang busters…split….it was was painful…it felt like we were mourning a death…..our friends… our family…our little town…were affected…it has taken me 3 fully heal…I too felt my faith…shifting…why was that?
God worked thru me..allowing me my I processed..ALL MY FEELINGS….I realized…my heart was in the right place, however all my deeds I was doing…was more for how I looked..did I feel like EVERYONE feel like it was enough….. somehow……I got off track….
Today….as I look back… I realize the split from our old church was the best thing that ever happened to me,I have never had a more intimate relationship with my father as I do now! I realized my journey has just started… I don’t have to be in a building to grow spiritually.. what I do need is to be in my fathers word…every day..and share his message….now if I go to church…I do so with no expectations…except to hear the word of God preached~
How liberating this has been ..a little pruning..goes a long way!
God Bless ..thanks for a great message😘


Jayne Walters

Shannon, thanks for sharing your story here. I know that it encouraged me, and it will encourage others to pursue Jesus. I’m so sorry that you were hurt, but it sounds like God used it to help you heal like He did for me. I’m so glad to connect about this with you.


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