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2017 Welcomes a New Season of Life for Me



Adam Ginsburg 12/31/05 Panorama taken from Westlands Park in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Watching Fireworks from a New View

On our first July 4th living in Denver, Colorado, some new friends drove us east out of the city to a high point on the plains to watch the fireworks. From that vista, we watched fireworks going off from as far south as Parker to Boulder in the north. The far off, light bursts exploded skyward like popcorn while we “oohed” and “ahhed.”

A New View on the Seasons of Life

Seasons of life, especially difficult ones, obscure our view when we’re standing chest deep in them. Seasons like finishing school or raising children or surviving an extended illness. Later on, from a distance, those seasons of life appear less imposing, and even benign.

Aging lends me that new view of life, even if it is taking my youth away. 

Last month I celebrated 51 years.

I can’t hold back the years any more than I can wish my brown hair back. My gray hair tells the truth about my age. Graying early, I hid those white hairs in my mid 30’s and 40’s behind hair color, saying, “When my youngest child graduates from high school, I’ll let my hair go gray.” Sometimes, I forget that I’m gray until I look in a mirror. Then, I’m shocked to see the woman staring back at me. But, strangers often stop me and comment about it. “I love your hair.”

Ben’s Graduation – 2016


The seasons of life keep coming around to my door, even if I didn’t invite them.

Our youngest child left home to attend Purdue University this year. A new season began. The house is quieter. I often feel lonely, so I bought a puppy. Maybe that wasn’t the best answer to the quiet and loneliness.


In this season, I’m writing.

Led, 2016

Led: Learning to Listen and Follow was published at the end of 2016.

Led is a bible study written in a 30-day devotional style. I’m convinced that women want more of God, but with our busy lives, little time remains after our job and family commitments. Modern living demands a petite-sized length, while delivering plenty of challenge and hope. In Led, a woman discovers Jesus, the Good Shepherd, from John 10:1-5. He speaks to us and longs to lead us. If you’re interested in a copy, please contact me through the website.



These days, I’m finishing a second book, Surrendered.

Whatever your season of life delivers, stay rooted in Jesus, dear friends.




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