Staying Rooted When Life is Unstable and Uncertain

Unstable Times

I melted down a few weeks ago. My mind raced with anxious thoughts, and I couldn’t sleep. Lately, life has felt unstable and uncertain. You see, all three children left this fall, and we live in the midst of a home renovation. October marks six months.

After twelve years, we sold our family’s home in March and bought another one in April. Before moving in though, we lived in a friend’s condo for a month while we tore down kitchen walls. Since April, every room has completely remodeled or simply painted. Among the major changes: A roof removed and replaced, 3 walls removed, and 2 bathrooms created. Minor inconveniences persisted like drywall dust, no air conditioning and then no heat, and mice. And of course, the endless stream of workmen in and out.




An Entire Roof Replaced


Kitchen Walls Removed







Not only is life chaotic in the midst of this renovation, but my unfocused mind shifts from the house to the children to writing and back to the house.




The Unstable Me

The old me, dealt with stress and instability in unhealthy ways. As a young woman I turned to alcohol abuse, food abuse, or body abuse. Years later, the cycle continued when I shouted at my children or husband, pouring out pent up anger and stress. Sometimes, instead of shouting, I cried or felt hopeless when stress pressed down, and I couldn’t breath.

These days, I am finding relief in the midst of instability by turning to Jesus. When turmoil stirs up, I tell Him, “I am hanging onto You. Fight for me. Believing Him and His promises brings peace and rest. He is the eye in my hurricane. He is the only calm place to stand when my world is quaking.

Is something shaking your world? A job loss? A divorce? A distant child? A recent loss? Health challenges?

Rooted Women are Stable Women

Here’s our Rooted mantra:

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him….”

Despite the chaos around me, I’m determined to live this life rooted in Jesus.


“He is your constant source of stability…” (Isaiah 33:6 NET)

Here at Rooted, the blog community, we are growing deeper roots. Do you have a story about being rooted in the midst of chaos? We’d love to hear it!



Daily, the power of stories amazes me–moves me, shapes me–an ordinary wife, mom, teacher, writer, Jesus-follower.


Lisa (Douglas) Arnold

Jayne, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog. Not that I want you (or anyone) to have struggles, but reading it helps me realize everyone has “things going on” so therefore it is ok to have personal struggles. It is easy to to view social media & get the impression from everyone’s “happy posts” people have it “all together.” Then it is easy then to get more discouraged or try to not admit things. By the way, Last Fall we remodeled just our kitchen…I thought I was going to lose my mind. It was throwing me off big time… One day a friend of mine told me in blunt words that basically that was stupid that I should be grateful that I had money to be able to remodel not use the remodeling as a reason to “lose it,” That didn’t help with my anxiety at all 😀 Well, I wanted to say Thanks & Hello!


Jayne Walters

Lisa, thank you for your comments! I’m glad you joined this conversation because life isn’t easy and we need each other to get through it. And by the way, you deserve a medal for living through a kitchen remodel.


Kelly Neeley


It fills my heart to the fullest to be able to read your writings again! I have missed you so very much and think of you often.

It’s been a while since I have taken time to journal, but I feel like my dry spell is ending. You have always been an inspiration to me and a dear sister in Christ! Thank you for being his beautiful vessel!

Love you!


Jayne Walters

Kelly, thank you for your sweet comment! I treasure you and the time that we spent together. I hope what I’m doing here at Rooted, the blog, inspires you to write. You have so much to share. We should spend some time together soon. Love you, too.


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