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Rooted: A Blog for Busy Women

 “Great oaks from little acorns grow.”

– 14th Century Proverb

Sitting in my office, I occasionally hear plonk. Acorns drop onto my roof before bouncing off. Our house sits at the corner of 2 wooded, sloping acres in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Here, in the house that our daughter named “The Tree House,” we are surrounded by midwestern deciduous trees, many of which are oak.


The Treehouse

In fact, two tall oaks tower above the house just outside of my office. At this time of year, we dodge the fallen acorns as we walk to and from our cars, and they litter the sidewalk. The squirrels feast on them all day, growing fat/plump before their winter fast. And we are convinced that the squirrels target us with acorns from the tree tops.


Morning sunlight


There they will lie all winter, scattered on the ground. But if these acorns fall onto fertile ground, they may take root. Over time, they will grow into strong oak trees.

 People aren’t so different.

Rooted people weather storms.

Rooted people change with seasons.

Rooted people grow stronger over the years.

Rooted people become what that little acorn aspires to become–a fully grown oak tree.

The Rooted Blog

Welcome to a blog designed for you, busy woman. Here, at, I’m growing stronger and deeper roots, and I’m sharing Bible truths that are transforming me. But sharing truth in petite sizes for busy women.

You’ll see the same format–short (400 words or less)–published every other Wednesday. If you’d like to receive Rooted in your email inbox when it’s published, you can subscribe while you are reading this today (look to the right of this blog post).

Take a tour of the new website. You will see that I’ve written a short Bible study entitled Led (available soon). You will also see that I’m pursuing a passion to connect with women through speaking.

I’m intentionally reaching out to women like me: They are busy, but they want to know Jesus and grow deeper, stronger roots.

Join me on this journey.




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