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Turning Caves into Cathedrals


The house has been sold, and now my family and I are living in a friend’s condo while we fix up our new house. You heard that right. Fixer-upper. Sixth home. Sixth fixer-upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines have created a brand by taking on fixer uppers, leading us all to romantically believe that we can transform the worst house and in one hour. Voila!  I’m a committed fan of the show. But I am not a fan of living through the fixing up stage–which takes much longer than one hour.

Renovation headaches–hiring workmen, making phone calls, waiting for paint to dry–and other, life-stretching circumstances have loomed large and twisted my emotions these days. Then, I stumbled onto Psalm 57. The writer, David, was running for his life and living in a cave. Danger, chaos, and constantly changing plans characterized every moment. That analogy wasn’t lost on me! I know that I’m not living in a cave, but I am living in the midst of change and chaos.

Life wasn’t going as David had anticipated. David had been crowned king of Israel, and the current king, Saul, raged and plotted his murder. David anticipated a throne, and he got death threats. Reality check. Reality doesn’t sugarcoat. Reality doesn’t care if you feel bad.

David’s hope: Rule Israel as promised.

David’s reality: Hide in a cave, running for his life.

My hope: Live in my renovated house.

My reality: Live in my friend’s condo out of boxes for a few weeks while cleaning, renovating, and painting.

What’s your cave? That place of change or chaos where you’re living right now.

Here’s what David did and what I’m trying to do–

He sang.

He thanked God.

He recited God’s greatness.

So, I’m turning on and turning up the music, even singing out loud. I’m listing everything that I’m grateful for today. And I’m remembering what God has already done for me in the past or what I know is true about Him. I’m turning this cave into a cathedral!




Daily, the power of stories amazes me–moves me, shapes me–an ordinary wife, mom, teacher, writer, Jesus-follower.


Kathy Johann

Beautifully stated!! Love that you live your life in gratitude



Kathy, the truth is that I have so much to be grateful for : )


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