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3 Beliefs That Will Change Everything

“You’re like a duck. You look smooth on the surface, but under the surface you’re working too hard.” The words hit me. My high school teacher & coach had sized up my driven nature.

My drivenness propelled me through life, but I was also a workaholic and a people-pleaser. Workaholism ran deep in me. I couldn’t rest if something needed to be done. My health suffered. Anxiety ate at me. Fear plagued me. Amy Grant’s words describe me:

“Another Monday comes and I just wanna breathe
‘Cause it’s a long, long week for someone wired to please
I keep taking my aim, pushing it higher
Wanna shine bright, even brighter now” (“Don’t Try So Hard”)

My broken beliefs shaped my prayers. My prayers in those days sounded like pleas for help. “Help me to get this done.” “Give me strength to accomplish this task.” “Show me how to please this person.” 

These days I am experiencing peace and rest. Rest was a bitter pill forced on me by strained health. I’m embracing it now, though. Peace is a gift from Jesus. Where He rules, He brings peace. He is the only explanation for peace in the midst of life’s turmoil.

Last year, my son was sick for weeks and even hospitalized at one point. My stress-o-meter hit full tilt, but the Prince of Peace gave me sleep at night. I could trust Him with my son.

Last month, with three consecutive weeks of stress-inducing circumstances–the flu and the death of a family member–I experienced peace.

3 Beliefs

1. What God says (in the Bible) is truer than anything I think or feel.

God is entirely who He says He is. No matter how you feel, He will never change.

Say to yourself, “I am going to believe Him over how I feel right now.”

2. Fear cannot be trusted, but God can be trusted in every situation. 

This time, give Him a try first. He’s a Father you can trust.

Say to Him, “I am going to place myself completely in your care. I’d like to manage this situation, but I’m going to wait for you to manage it.”

3. Waiting on God demonstrates my belief and trust in Him. 

Waiting on God to speak, to move, to act is never wasted time. Our faith in Him grows. Our dependence upon Him grows.

Say to Him, “Teach me to wait. Give me your peace to wait on your timing and your way.”

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